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Slides from ‘Learning to live with the static-typing fascist and the dynamic-typing fan-boy in your enterprise…’

Here’s the slides from Jim‘s and my recent presentation at Tech Ed 07 on the Gold Coast and in Auckland:

LearningToLiveWithTheStaticTypingFascistAndTheDynamicTypingFanboy-TechEd07.pptx (Powerpoint 2007)

LearningToLiveWithTheStaticTypingFascistAndTheDynamicTypingFanboy-TechEd07.ppt (Powerpoint 2003)

You may also be interested in having a read of the abstract.


TechEd 07 – Some interesting snippets


BarCamp Sydney this Saturday


  1. hey mate, hope the presentation went well 🙂

  2. The slides look really good! Sounds like a fun talk.
    I like the PowerShell example in slide 41…

  3. Oh, and: Did you reveal which is better, Mac or PC? 🙂

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