Hello, and welcome! I started this blog as an attempt to write down some of the stuff I would otherwise forget. It’s been pretty handy for me so far, and I hope it is of some use to you also!

After having kids, my blog has been on hiatus. Now my boys are growing up (and I’ve a little more time), I will revive this blog!

Personal stuff

James & SoosunI live in Sydney with my lovely wife, Soosun, and my two little boys. In my spare time I play electric guitar, run and do calisthenics, and code stuff. I like to read fiction. I speak English, reasonably fluent French, and a little Korean.

Professional Bio

James was coding in primary school, selling his own software in high school and consulting by the time he was at uni. Over the last 13 years, James has written a lot of business applications and services, designed architectures and frameworks, managed products, hired and led development teams and consulted on architecture, acquisitions and process. James is an enthusiastic presenter, the co-organiser of the Sydney ALT.NET user group and a long-term member of the Sydney Ruby On Rails user group.

James loves to develop software that delights its users. The best way he’s found to do this is to:
– understand the business and work closely with all stakeholders
– use agile methods for business analysis, iteration and release management, e.g. user stories, story walls, story maps, burn up charts, etc
– write clear, maintainable code with good test coverage in a modern language such as Ruby, ES6 or C#
– design and evolve a lean architecture in which each piece and layer adds value
– automate everything possible, including tests, deployment and environment creation
– work in small, cross-functional teams with a high level of trust and self organisation

Random Slew of Favourite technologies
Ruby, Rails, C#, Javascript, ES6, Ember, CSS, HTTP, AWS

Favourite Methodologies
agile, XP, Scrum

Areas of particular interest

  • Improving processes, architectures and systems incrementally, until they are smooth and efficient
  • Building and leading development teams
  • Light-weight, efficient, self-sustaining agile process
  • Lean product development
  • Building software that makes the world a better place
  • Working all the way from customers to code

Also find me on:

Github: jcrisp
Twitter: @jtcrisp
Linked in: jamescrisp