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Tech Ed Talks

Jim Webber and I will be co-presenting at Tech Ed Australia and Tech Ed New Zealand this year. Here’s the low down:

Learning to live with the static-typing fascist and the dynamic-typing fan-boy in your enterprise…

Gold Coast
Thursday 9 Aug
5pm – 6:15pm

Tuesday 14 Aug
2:20pm – 3:35pm

“What’s best for your enterprise? Is it the ‘glue that never sets’ and flexibility of dynamic languages like Ruby, or the tried and true, hard and fast rules and tool support of static languages like C# 3.0? Are there different trade-offs for green field development and integration?

And more importantly, which is best, the Mac or PC?

In a dynamic, and combative presentation, Jim and James will let their alter-egos run amok and answer these questions from the perspective of a seasoned enterprise architect and a l33t hax0r. By the end of this session you will understand the interplays between the two personality types, have had a few laughs, and picked up a few tips on how to use both technology
sets in harmony in your enterprise. “

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Definitely a mac. Yes.

  2. Will this be recorded and made available somewhere?
    I’d like to see this talk.

  3. 'see you later'

    Which one is the l33t hax0r and which is the seasoned architect?? 🙂

  4. Yo Michael, not sure if it gets recorded in any way.. but planning to run the session in Sydney at some point. Perhaps the ACS or .NET or Ruby user group, if they’ll have us. Will let you know.

    Hey ‘see you later’ Shearer! Good to hear from you!
    Being younger and less seasoned than Jim, I win the l33t hax0r part 🙂

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