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VIM is Sydney Rails Devs’ Favourite Editor

Outstanding news! As part of the rails refactor talk at RORO (Sydney Rails Group) tonight (great evening by the way!), I asked for a show of hands on people’s favoured editors. I was amazed to discover the vim has edged out TextMate with just over half of the people at the group using it as their editor of choice! As an aside, Netbeans had one supporter, RubyMine and Emacs had zero. The groundswell of support for vim (and the cheering) was impressive!

PS – this is a very nerdy post, but as a long time vim fan, I had to report on it 🙂


Short Talk on rails_refactor at Rails group


Rails Refactor is now a Gem!


  1. Jim

    The more I use and learn VIM, the harder it is to go back to an IDE. Those 10-30 second pauses in an IDE frustrate me and undermine my “flow” or “zone”. VIM just gets out of my way and doesn’t force me to wait at inopportune times, allowing me to be more productive (and I curse a lot less).

  2. I’m curious if people are migrating away from Textmate or perhaps more vim users are getting into Rails?

  3. @james: sorry I couldn’t make it (was at the devops user group). Do people also use tpope’s swag of vim plugins to make ruby, rails, and general editing in vim even sweeter?

    @jason: from what I’ve seen, it’s been a migration.

    Plus, using screen or tmux and vim rocks when you are in a split remote pair (along with skype or other VC).

  4. Hey Josh, good to hear from you. Yeah, the rails plugin for vim is pretty popular. I use fuzzy finder text mate a lot myself ( Nerd Tree is also popular to give a view of files in a split bufferer.

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