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Multi-touch two finger scrolling on Samung N150 with Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

After much googling, trial and error, finally, a solution for enabling two finger scrolling on Ubuntu 10.04 on my new Samsung n150 netbook.

For some reason, it is not possible to enable it through the Mouse configuration in GNOME – the two finger scrolling option is grayed out (disabled).

You may need to fine tune the MinW and MinZ values – they are configured to work well for my fingers 🙂

synclient VertTwoFingerScroll=1
synclient HorizTwoFingerScroll=1
synclient EmulateTwoFingerMinW=5
synclient EmulateTwoFingerMinZ=48

To make these settings sticky, add the synclient calls into a script that runs when you log in.


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  1. Wow, so I had enabled this using the GUI before and it was utterly horrible. It looks like the last two settings make all the difference. (I’m on a normal laptop, not a netbook)

  2. Splodge

    Good tip!
    This works on my Lenovo S10e too. Two finger scrolling worked fine in 9.10, but broke during the upgrade to 10.04. After much searching, you’ve given me an answer.
    Many thanks

  3. Works very well on my Samsung N150. Thank you!

  4. bt

    thanks so much for sharing this. This is the first time I’ve been able to get 2 finger scrolling working on my lenovo s10. This really made my day.

  5. Tomfrom

    Thanks for the tip, it worked on my eeePC 1005 HA but I couldn’t enable it permanently. I found a solution with gconf-editor : in desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad, changing the key ‘scroll method’ to 2 worked for me but I can’t adjust the MinW and MinZ values with this method. (But the defaults values are fine for me)

  6. hamka

    sorry newbie to setup those codes?? from terminal??
    i have Samsung N150 too.

  7. @hamka yup, that’s right. Just run the commands on the terminal, or put them in a script.

  8. hamka

    thank you really works.

  9. hey thanks

    Thanks mate

  10. doruk

    worked awesome thanks.

  11. _______________Yes

    How do i make the script?

  12. maruel

    Also works on Lenovo X201. Awesome, thanks.

  13. Leo

    worked once, but never worked again after the reboot :(, I ran the same script than the first time…

    Help… i’m on ubuntu 10.04 x86

    Thx u…

  14. joe

    thx man!

  15. Joe

    This no longer works on my Samsung N150. When I attempt to scroll it will go into scrolling spasms long after I’ve stopped making contact with the touch pad. Anyone else experienced something similar? how do I fix this problem?

  16. reco

    great! thank you very much. was looking for this since days. now i can scroll with two fingers on lenovo s10-3.

  17. Andy

    Works great on my Samsung N510!

  18. KoSa

    You don’t need a script:

    Menu -> System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications -> Add…
    And the command is: synclient VertTwoFingerScroll=1 HorizTwoFingerScroll=1 EmulateTwoFingerMinW=5 EmulateTwoFingerMinZ=48

  19. Julia


    thanks a lot for the tip, it seems to work on my Samsung Q330 (I’m running Lucid on it).

  20. Andres

    Thanks you very much dude!!!!

    It works on my HP dv7…. I was looking for multitouch support for a month!

  21. Rainer

    works also with Thinkpad SL510 ubuntu 10.10


  22. Just putting it somewhere in ~/.bashrc should do the trick as well, automatically running it whenever you log in.

  23. i got error like thiw ” No synaptics driver loaded?”, shat should i do??

  24. Tonmoy

    Thanx everyone.

    In my Samsung N148 2 finger scrolling works fine with ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition by gui method. but in i386 edition i have to go through the console. Editing ~.bashrc method didn’t work. thanx KoSa. Adding startup command works fine.

    Again Thank you Everyone

  25. Ricardo

    Thanks a lot.
    It works great in my Lenovo T410 running ubuntu.

  26. Susan

    Thanks much. Works great on lenovo s10-3, 10.04 netbook.

  27. Susan

    The script has to run in xterm to use form the gnome startup app. Not sure why. xterm -e /path to script works for me.

  28. Ivan

    Works on Toshiba A300. Ubuntu 11.10

  29. amr

    hello .. i got an error it says ; no synaptic drive loaded … what should i do .. its bugging me thanks 🙂

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