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RiskAssess – Risk Assessments for Schools

I’ve been developing RiskAssess, an online risk assessment system for schools. RiskAssess helps teachers and lab assistants to quickly and easily produce risk assessments for laboratory experiments which meet Australian standards. RiskAssess should help decrease the number of accidents in school laboratories, and also help schools meet legal requirements.

I’m pleased to say that the site is now well and truly launched and we have schools doing risk assessments every day using RiskAssess. There’s still much to do and many new features to add, but so far we’ve had very positive feedback from the schools using the system.

On the technical side, RiskAssess is a Ruby on Rails site.


Tech Ed Talk: REST Patterns and .NET


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  1. I know a number of science teachers so i’ll pass the link onto them, too.

    Just one comment (from a non-user of the software POV), it would be nice to actually see the product/service before subscribing. Even a series of screenshots to walk you through the system would be enough to help convince people of what the system is capable of doing.

    Grats! 🙂

  2. My initial thoughts are the same as the above comment. However, if most of your new users are joining based on recomendations from current users – then perhaps screen shots are not needed?

    Good luck with the project – I admire your entrepreneurial spirit 🙂

    P.S. My wife is a high school chemistry teacher so I will pass on the link to her.

  3. Thanks guys 🙂

    My dad (the domain expert half of the team) has been demoing the system at Safety in Schools courses that he runs. Agree on the screen shots front – I’d like to put up some screen shots and sample risk assessments produced by the system soon too.


  4. Thanks for the informative post.. and thanks for adding our comment to the blog. I am subscribing to your feed so I don’t miss the next post!

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