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F-Secure Optus Internet Suite – To be avoided!

Optus, my ISP, is kind enough to give subscribers a free copy of F-Secure’s security suite which offers anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall. I read some half decent reviews of the product so I thought I’d install it and give it a go. Unfortunately, it was fraught with problems. First of all, after installing I got a blue screen on reboots. After uninstalling AVG (my previous anti-virus) in safe mode, my computer could boot. Next, I tried to do a full system scan, but the F-Secure automatic update kicked in at the same time and it crashed the scanner. So, I rebooted, and tried a full system scan. I tried twice, but each time, it hung on a random .class (compiled Java) from GlassFish. Not great. So I went to the F-Secure website to submit a bug report. I filled in the form, and couldn’t submit it because one of the drop down lists which was mandatory was disabled in Opera. I then thought I’d try the site in IE7, but IE7 just hung, presumably thanks to F-Secure’s firewall.

Overall, I would strongly suggest that you do not bother to try the F-Secure product suite, even if it is offered to you for free.


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  1. Ycros

    Apparently Whirlpool are boycotting AVG as well – see the big red warning at the top of

  2. Yeah, I saw the AVG link scanner that is causing the extra load and turned it off. It’s not a great idea – it looks like it scans all the pages that are linked to from the page you are browsing, no matter if you visit them or not.

  3. never seem to have this problem on my mac 😛

    hope soosun had a good birthday!

  4. Matt

    You had to anti virus solutions installed and didn’t expect any problems?

  5. Matt


  6. shak

    it’s better than what you can make optus rulz

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