Josh Price and I will be co-presenting at the Melbourne Sun Tech Day and the Sydney ACS Web Technologies SIG. Here’s the low down:

JRuby: Enterprise 2.0
There’s a lot of buzz around JRuby in both the Java and Ruby communities, for good reason. This talk will give you a whirlwind introduction to JRuby. We’ll show you why JRuby is regarded as such a powerful and dynamic development platform. We’ll also suggest where to use JRuby in product development and the enterprise and how to leverage your existing Java investments.
There will be sample applications, live demos and not many slides.

Sun Tech Day Melbourne
4 March 2008, 2:30pm
More info on Sun site…

ACS Web Technologies SIG Sydney
5 March 2008, 6:15pm
More info on ACS site…

Hope to see you there!