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My Sister’s Indian (Red) Wedding

Yesterday was Mia’s second wedding. This one was a Hindu, Fiji-Indian, red wedding and quite different to the first, although it had some similarities in terms of having vows and speeches (and yes, the same husband!). The red wedding included a lot of reading by the Pundit (the Hindu minister) in Sanskrit, many prayers with rice and petals held in hands, and various things put in a mango-wood fire. There were also various prayers with coloured powders, stuff to put on the forehead, water, gee, milk and bananas in front of statuettes. Male members of the bride and groom families wore turbans. Food was all vegetarian, but nice, and alcohol was forbidden. We danced a little at the end of the night. All in all, it was a lot of fun 🙂

As the brother of the bride, I had quite a lot to do in terms of prayers and ceremonies. On the Tuesday before, the Pundit visited my place to bless a bundle of clothes and other things for Neeraj (Mia’s husband) with water and a banana leaf. We then went to the Neeraj residence where we did a ceremony for about an hour, with all the ingredients mentioned above. Before the wedding, I was also responsible for making some popped rice – similar to popcorn but made from rice in the husk. I needed to give this to Neeraj and Mia several times from a yellow cloth sling the Pundit wrapped around me during the wedding, as the couple walked around the fire 9 times. Also there were various points where I needed to pour water for foot washing and similar.

To give you more of an idea, here’s some pictures!


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    I live in Miami, Florida and am a partner in a company that writes software for Freight Forwarders. I see you have some experience in that realm and was wondering what you’re up to. By the way, very cool wedding pics. Anyways, the name of my company is Silver Bullet Technologies and my name is Marcia Dorer. [email protected] is my email. If you’re interested in joining us, give me a shout.

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