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My Sister’s Wedding

Today was Mia and Neeraj’s wedding. It went really well, and the newly weds looked awesome 🙂 After so much planning, everything was very smooth. Neeraj and Mia made their vows and danced very nicely and the speeches were all good.

I got to sit at the top table facing all the other guests for the wedding ceremony, as I was doing a reading of a poem. Afterwards, I joined Soosun on the family table for the reception.

After the reception, Mia and Neeraj left for their honeymoon, we went back to Neeraj’s family’s place. We dressed up in our Bangladeshi clothes (many thanks to our flatmate Asif and his family for these!) and ate far too much tasty curry.
A wonderful day was had by all 🙂


Dance Dance Dance


Successful Negotiating

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  1. James B

    Congratulations to them! Nice photos, as well 🙂

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