Soosun and I got married in Suseo Church, Seoul on 5 January 2008.

Married!  Married in the Church

It was pretty exciting, with multiple costume changes, lots of food and exotic ceremonies! Soosun had heaps of family and friends, and my parents, sister and her husband and one of my grandmothers and some of my close friends were able to come to Korea for the wedding.

We got up bright and early and went to the Korean hair, make-up and dressing place before the wedding, and also had a spot of breakfast.

prewedding1.JPG   prewedding2.jpg

One we got to the church, we welcomed friends and relatives and had photos taken.

At noon, we had the wedding ceremony in the church. Soosun’s uncle is a Catholic priest, and he performed the ceremony and took our vows. It was then time for lots of photos with all possible permutations of relatives and friends.

Picture with Soosun’s uncle  Family  Friends

After the religious ceremony, we changed into our hanboks. Meanwhile, the guests were enjoying the banquet. The food looked really good and we had a chance to nibble a little bit before cutting the wedding cake with a sword and making toasts.
Cutting cake with a sword

The last part of the ceremony was traditional Korean. We dressed up in a double layer of traditional Korean hanboks and bowed away like crazy to relatives, and they gave us advice and honeymoon money in envelopes. We poured plum alcohol for close relatives out of a teapot and drank with them. We at dates stuffed with pine nuts and various other traditional foods. Our parents threw chestnuts and dates and we had to catch them in Soosun’s hand veil. We caught 10 dates and chestnuts altogether, which means we’re meant to have 10 children!

Sitting pretty in traditional costume  Bowing to mum and dad  Catching chestnuts and dates

After the wedding, the younger crowd headed out to Beer Plus for an after party…
img_3416.JPG  img_3418.JPG

The whole wedding ceremony was recorded, and we’re going to edit together a short highlights movie. Stay tuned…