Wedding Registries for the Pommies

Your Wedding Presents now shows all money amounts in pounds, if you say you are from the United Kingdom. God Save the Queen!



3 responses to “Wedding Registries for the Pommies”

22 10 2007
Ycros (00:22:16) :

What about all the other currencies? 🙂

22 10 2007
James (15:37:21) :

Good question. I suspect most people who use wedding registries are from Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK. All covered by dollars and pounds! However, I'd be keen for anyone who wants a different currency for their registry to contact me. It is an easy job to have the wedding registry site support another currency.

31 10 2007
yani (14:16:45) :

Want about the euro? or the yen?

BTW how are you both doing?