WebJam this Saturday Night

WebJam is usually quite fun. The premise is that a large group of people meet in a pub, have a few drinks (often sponsored by some generous company) and see quite a number of presenters who have 3 minutes each to show off cool, web-related stuff they've done recently. The next one is this Saturday. Details as follows:

Place: Bar Broadway (opposite UTS)
Date: 29 Sept 07
Time: 6pm

I'm planning to go, and also to give a 3 minute presentation on my new free wedding registry site.

Hope to see you there!



2 responses to “WebJam this Saturday Night”

27 09 2007
Michael Kedzierski (09:45:50) :

I'll be there. 🙂

30 09 2007
Brian E (16:32:01) :

How did the webjam go? I missed it unfortunately. Also, who are you using for your web hosting?